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Delivering Global Data Excellence

Access 640+ million profiles at 30 million companies to drive your business, data services to repair and enrich your data, and analytics to transform data into business intelligence.


Global Data Sourcing

companies, qualified contacts and profiles - for marketers, recruiters and developers

Global Data Services

hygiene and enrichment to enhance, update and repair your account and contact data – for operations


Global Data Analytics

size markets, discover and target new B2B Audiences – for marketers and analysts

Trusted by companies to enable business growth with global data excellence

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Market In Europe with confidence

Comprehensive European data that is fully GDPR Compliant with Great ROI

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250,000 IT Related Job Titles

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50+ Different Search Filters

15,000+ Tech Products & Services

33,142 Accounts
109,202 Contacts
128,953 Tech Installs

103,742 Accounts
200,793 Contacts
247,903 Tech Installs

30,727 Accounts
229,272 Contacts
42,666 Tech Installs 

7,838 Accounts 
38,001 Contacts
27,830 Tech Installs

Czech Republic
79,004 Accounts 
15,068 Contacts
121,222 Tech Installs

28,374 Accounts 
29,172 Contacts
196,359 Tech Installs

7,232 Accounts 
27,560 Contacts
39,147 Tech Installs

34,613 Accounts 
33,329 Contacts
140,485 Tech Installs

214,880 Accounts 
497,731 Contacts
967,864 Tech Installs

229,853 Accounts 
666,473 Contacts
1,594,325 Tech Installs

5,144 Accounts 
10,240 Contacts
75,773 Tech Installs

60,089 Accounts 
102,779 Contacts
50,710 Tech Installs

18,495 Accounts 
8,557 Contacts
162,957 Tech Installs

244,963 Accounts 
97,737 Contacts
765,023 Tech Installs

9,259 Accounts 
33,695 Contacts
8,730 Tech Installs

9,094 Accounts 
14,750 Contacts
37,294 Tech Installs

80,315 Accounts 
272,338 Contacts
829,864 Tech Installs

49,451 Accounts 
51,202 Contacts
129,326 Tech Installs

40,264 Accounts 
24,622 Contacts
224,619 Tech Installs

42,600 Accounts 
9,253 Contacts
104,833 Tech Installs

52,983 Accounts 
13,879 Contacts
93,051 Tech Installs

10,678 Accounts 
42,795 Contacts
6,204 Tech Installs

206,901 Accounts 
117,088 Contacts
773,819 Tech Installs

77,457 Accounts 
82,794 Contacts
271,065 Tech Installs

40,264 Accounts 
33,838 Contacts
241,234 Tech Installs

60,228 Accounts 
17,218 Contacts
52,926 Tech Installs

United Kingdom
166,190 Accounts 
866,177 Contacts
3,066,937 Tech Installs

Connect to the best quality international business data and lead intelligence

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Reinventing Data Delivery

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Global data, services and analytics to empower business growth


Whether you are in house or agency, access thousands of qualified professionals with verified contact data and accurate insights into the technologies they work with.

Sales & Marketing

Give sales teams the insights and connections they need to identify and engage ideal buyers. Empower marketers to target prospects, analyse and expand into new markets, and fill your marketing funnel.


Give your stakeholders complete, accurate and enriched CRM data for better sales and marketing outcomes – in 28 languages worldwide.


Build global data products with bulk profile and company data feeds and APIs.

What We Do to deliver Global Data Excellence

Rhetorik’s global data tools provide high-ROI data sourcing, impactful data hygiene and delivery services, and powerful data analytics solutions:


International market, account
and contact intelligence.

Empower your teams by tapping into the hard-to-reach markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Unearth and understand the ideal customer profiles hidden away and tap into high-quality leads.

Support your account-based marketing initiatives with international reach as only NetFinder can provider

NetFinder provides account, technology and contact intelligence (enterprise technology decision-maker contacts) across UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific and North America data is also available.

» Learn more about NetFinder Data

Access in-depth business and technology deployment data on businesses and public sector organizations at 100,000+ locations across the UK, Europe and beyond.

» Learn more about NetFinder Insights

Accelerate the sales cycle – engage decision-makers with actionable, data-driven intelligence and sell faster.

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The international health
service for your data.

Gain enterprise-grade reach within the Datasphsere by enriching your data health and elevating it to an international scale. Inaccurate or out-of-date data causes a stream of wasted money with the likelihood of derailed deals increased and damage difficult to repair.

Ensure your data is properly filtered and data hygiene is top-tier with DataCliniq.

Conduct a simple health check of your account and contact records to identify issues with accuracy, currency and completeness of your existing data.

Stop dirty data from disrupting your business. Cleansing data involves the removal of duplicate, invalid and inactive records, as well as ensuring the data in those records is accurate and up-to-date.

Incomplete data can be just as costly to the business as inaccurate data, so step 3 is to improve the fill rates of those fields that are most valuable to you.

Extend your reach by adding new data records. Append additional contextual data – firmographics and technographics – to aid segmentation, prioritization and messaging.


A firehose of data to boost your
sales and marketing activities

License, enrich, and analyze your database with a firehose of data for millions of professional profiles from all over the world. Amass current and historical employment data from a range of regions and industries, from educational levels to skills and job titles.

Discover who you need with high-powered candidate sourcing with ProfileFinder

Designed for data teams who want to build robust applications with people data.


Extend your reach and improve the currency and completeness of your existing records.

Global workforce research and analysis using the most current and comprehensive professional profile data.

ProfileFinder graphic image.


Connecting data publishers to client CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

Deliver any data into your systems of record and enrich your own CRM with the Data Concierge software that provides integration hitting deeper levels than ever before. Match your data to your customers’ along with automatically updating any changes to the data without missing a beat in business.

Discover Data-as-a-Service with Datarista.

Datarista makes it easy for you to integrate your data on platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua without the costly overhead.

Datarista matches your data to your customer’s data and appends the licensed fields. Datarista also automatically updates any changes to your data in your customer’s business process.

Give your customers the ability to search and add new net records to their business process.

Rhetorik supply high quality data with enhanced filtering and excellent customer service. This has translated into numerous new clients for our business, always exceeding our return on investment. We would absolutely recommend Rhetorik!
Senior Account Manager - FGD Solutions
“NetFinder combines a wealth of contact and technology usage details with constant updates and amazing support, helping us identify prospects and generate more business opportunities in areas we were previously unaware of or unable to exploit.”
Director Marketing IT Solutions - NEC
“The quality and accuracy of Rhetorik data is fantastic, and the technology intelligence is second to none. The best I have used in all my years in marketing, I’d highly recommend this absolutely invaluable resource.”
Senior Marketing Manager - MTI Technology
“8×8 have used various sources for data, but when we needed to produce quality leads with a vertical market focus, Rhetorik came highly recommended by our partners, and meant we could develop targeted messages far more easily.”
Marketing Manager - 8x8
“Directly through NetFinder we have created a significant sales pipeline in a short amount of time. And even better, we’ve closed over a dozen good sized deals! A truly great data vendor.”
Marketing Campaign Director - Dell Compellent
“Using Rhetorik on an almost daily basis has helped me to target the right accounts, contact the right people and ultimately empowered me to be successful in multiple deals. I estimate the value of those deals to be in 7 figures”
Mid Market Account Manager, Lenovo
“Rhetorik’s deep knowledge and rigorous application of GDPR gave us the confidence to license their data, to rebuild our database and refill our pipeline. Responsive, reliable Rhetorik – I highly recommend them.”
Marketing Manager, Arcserve
“Having worked in marketing for over 15 years, and dealt with numerous data providers, I can genuinely say that the service and quality provided by the team at Rhetorik is of the highest quality.”
Marketing Manager, Softworx Ltd
“I am amazed with the quality of the data supplied by Rhetorik. Not only is the data accurate but the team are always on hand to help. I would highly recommend this database to anyone in the industry”
Sales Manager, SICL
“Rhetorik data coverage is very impressive and the most accurate I have come across at the contact level. They have always been rigorous regarding compliance and enable us to move in the GDPR world with ease.”
Data Strategy Manager, CenturyLink


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