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Who uses Connext Vivendi in the EMEA?

Connext Vivendi is popular with European companies as a product. Some popular European companies that use Connext Vivendi are AWO with From 1,000 to 4,999 employees, and Dussman Group with Above 10,000.

Johanniter Unfall Hilfe e.V.
Dussman Group
Diakonie Michaelshoven e.V.
Heinrich-Haus gGmbH
Die Zieglerschen - Süd gemeinnützige GmbH DZS

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Connext Vivendi Usage by European Country

Connext Vivendi is popular with European companies as a product. Some popular European companies that use Connext Vivendi are Germany with Above 68 employees, and with Above . 




Hospitals & Clinics


Membership Organizations


Charitable Organizations & Foundations


Insurance & Managed Care


Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations


General Services - Consumer


Religious Organizations




K-12 Schools


Software Development & Technical Consulting

Connext Vivendi Users by Industry

Connext Vivendi is used by companies in a variety of industries. Connext Vivendi users can be found in industries ranging from Hospitals & Clinics & Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations to Religious Organizations & K-12 Schools.

What other technologies are used alongside Connext Vivendi?

Many of the top companies using Connext Vivendi use other common technologies. In our extensive research into Connext Vivendi users in Europe we found that many of the top users also utilize products from vendors like Siemens AG, Allscripts Healthcare, LLC, Cerner Corporation and Epic Systems Corporation.

Other Products Compete with Connext Vivendi for Users in Europe

Connext Vivendi competes in the EMEA with other top vendors like: 

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