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Information for data subjects (business card owners) - Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is Business Card Information?
  2. How does Rhetorik source Business Card Information?
  3. How long does Rhetorik keep my Business Card Information?
  4. What are my rights as a Business Card Data Subject?
  5. Is Rhetorik’s notification an unsolicited marketing email?

1. What is Business Card Information?

You might have been contacted via email or phone and you would have been presented with a note that aims to ensure all our respondents are aware that their Basic Business Card Information is processed by Rhetorik.

Business Card information include: Name, Surname, Job Title, business email with company domain and Main Switchboard line.

This information supports our customers and us to maintain your Company (Corporate) Technology Profile and be able to understand how an organization deploys information and communication technology for the achievement of key business missions. We collaborate with organisations such as ICT providers, vendors, manufacturers and recruiters who license and access our insights and our intelligence in order to conduct research, market evaluations and direct marketing activities to enhance their execution and knowledge related to their market and product.

Rhetorik processing of Business Card Information includes automated processing which assigns technology Purchasing Responsibility for Decision Makers, Influencers and Buyers.

2. How does Rhetorik source Business Card Information

Businesses like yours have participated in our marketing research for the past 20 years – during which time we have created a unique repository of Company Technology Profiles and related Business Card Information.

Nowadays we use a diverse range of sources in the collection of Business Card Information – these may include your own company website, collaboration with public and private listed data repositories, social media interactions or interaction at events. Rhetorik takes great pride in ensuring that all our data research and collection efforts are of the highest standards.

Once Business Card information is linked to a specific Corporate Profile, a written notice is issued via email to inform the Business Card Owner (data subject) that their business details are being processed by Rhetorik.

Business Card Information linked to a specific Corporate Profile is reviewed on a regular basis and notice is refreshed on a 18-months cycle. 

3. How long does Rhetorik keep my Business Card information?

Business Card Information is linked to a specific Company Profile for as long as the information is valid and accurate.

When a Business Card Owner (data subject) is no longer active at a specific Company, we archive the information.

Following a suppression request, the Business Card Details are moved to the suppression list related to the specific Company, for the performance of our legal obligation. 

4. What are my rights as a Data Subject (Business Card Owner)?

Under Data Protection Legislation every Data Subject has the right to:

  • Ensure that Business Card Information is up to date and correct – please notify us of any spelling or other changes that we should make to your Business Card Information.
  • Ensure that the Business Card Information processed is not excessive – for example, we do not process social media details which might create a crossover between business and private life.
  • Request a copy of the information: we will send you a copy of your personal data, in the form of Business Card Information. Please click the link below to access the personal data request form.
  • Request to not use your business email information: if you prefer to keep your business email anonymous, please let us know via the link and form below.
  • Request not to share any information related to your Business Card – please let us know via the link and form below, and a member of our Research team will be in contact to validate your interest and request.

5. Is Rhetorik's notification an unsolicited marketing email?

No. Under Article 14 and Recital 58 of the GDPR, all Data Controllers who process Personal Data that are not directly collected from the Data Subject must notify the Data Subject in writing to ensure transparency.

Our email is a legal notice, which does not contain any marketing information nor sales message. Therefore, even in EU countries where B2B email marketing requires “opt-in”, Rhetorik can send this legal notice via email to ensure compliance with GDPR and transparency. 

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