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Leading the way with compliant data across Europe and beyond.

Revised: 8 June, 2022

Rhetorik Privacy Policy

Rhetorik is leading the way with compliant data across Europe and beyond. This means we take our responsibilities and your rights very seriously. This Privacy Policy explains the types of personal data we process, how and why we process it, and what your rights are.

For data subjects resident in EU, EEA, Switzerland and the UK, please click here to find out more about your rights under the GDPR 2016 and the Data Protection Act 2018.

For data subjects resident in California, please click here to find out more about your additional rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA).

For data subjects resident elsewhere, please click here to find out more about your additional rights under your local legislation.

Rhetorik Data Protection Policy

Personal Information – Rhetorik processes information about companies, the enterprise technologies they employ, and the decision makers, influencers and users of business products and services. To this end, we process typical Business Card Information about data subjects, which may contain some or all of these categories of personal information: First Name, Last Name, Company, Office Address, Telephone Number, Business Email Address, Job Title, Job Function, and Social Media URL.

In order to ensure a high level of accuracy of our NetFinder data, Rhetorik targets updates for business decision makers and influencers every six months and for key firmographic data every twelve months. Data on installed technology is updated frequently considering technology life spans and implementation cycles.

Purpose of Processing – Rhetorik processes this information so that it may be licenced on a subscription basis to organisations for their sales, marketing, analytical, or recruiting purposes, or to other organisations who may license it to their customers for the same purposes (“partners”). This means that such organisations may use this information to contact data subjects about products or services that are relevant to their professional interests.

License agreements are in place between Rhetorik and its customers to ensure the use of the information is restricted to specified purposes and to prohibit the unauthorised use or transfer of the information. Customers access the information via password protected account-based access to our database or services. Our customers, or those of our partners, may use the information to market their services to the employers of data subjects or to the data subjects about professional opportunities. In the course of this activity, data may be transferred outside the EU and UK.

Legal Basis – Rhetorik processes personal data in the form of Business Card Information in accordance with regulations on data protection, data privacy and electronic communications as currently adopted. We process the personal information based, as per Article 6.1.f of the GDPR, on the legitimate interest of Rhetorik and our customers to engage in the lawful activities described above.

Sources of Personal Information – Rhetorik collects personal information from multiple sources, which may include websites, government records and other publicly available sources, third party data providers, or through telephone-based research interviews. Because the personal information we process comes from multiple sources, it may be difficult or impossible to identify the exact source of one particular piece of information.

Your Rights – Under the legislation mentioned above, data subjects have the right to access, correct, or suppress the personal information we process about them. Data subjects also have the right to object to processing and to lodge a complaint with the relevant regulatory authority in their country, if any.

EU Representative – Now that the UK has left the EU, we have appointed IT Governance Europe Limited to act as our EU representative. If you are an EU resident and wish to exercise your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), or have any queries in relation to your rights or general privacy matters, you can email Rhetorik at or email our Representative at Please ensure to include our company name (Rhetorik) in any correspondence you send to our Representative.

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